Forestry CMS

Import starter

This project has been pre-configured to work with Forestry, just import your repository ✨ Any changes you make will be commited back to the repo,

Start Instant Previews

Start the preview environement if you want to be able to preview your website.

Go to Settings / Preview and click on the Start button.

It will clone your site on Forestry preview environment, install the project dependencies, and launch your npm script to launch gridsome develop

Once the server is started, you will be able to click on the preview icon when you're editing a document (even without saving your changes).

Adding pages

Go in the Docs section and click Create to add a new page to your documentation. The default front matter template contains title, date and slugfields. You can add new ones by editing the front matter template.

Front matter

You can edit the Documention Page front matter template by cliking on Front Matter in the sidebar. From here you can add new fields to enhance the current template.

Managing sidebar topics

Click on the Menu section in Forestry to add a new section or topics from the user interface. Forestry will write the changes to the JSON file. 🎉

See Forestry documentation if you want to know more.